Wax Discs

Wax Discs

Wax Discs

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    Blue: These blue wax discs are specially formulated in-house by our experienced technicians. When machined, the copings and frameworks are smoothly cut away leaving exceptional accuracy.
    3 blue per pk.

    Beige: Burns out clean. Easy to mill and carve .
    Beige color allows you to easily see occlusal morphology
    1 disc per pk. Available in 14, 18 and 20mm

    Green: These Green Wax Discs are strong and stable with a harder consistency to create high accuracy and precision fit margins for copings and full crowns.
    1 disc per pk.

    Brown: These wax discs are extremely strong. Manufactured to handle the higher speeds of your milling machines with greatest accuracy.
    1 disc per pk.

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    Specifications for Wax Discs

    Color Blue or Green or Beige or Brown
    Diameter 95mm or 98mm
    Thickness 10mm or 12mm or 14mm or 16mm or 18mm or 20mm or 25mm
    Package Qty 3 Pack or Individual