Talladium, founded by Edward J. Harms in 1983, began as a strategic move to manufacture a non-precious alloy for the 100 person dental lab he co-owned.  At the time gold was extremely high so he created a successful formula known worldwide today as Tilite Alloy; "Ti" for titanium and "lite" for having a light specific gravity.

Mr. Harms decided to switch gears and focus solely on the manufacturing of Tilite.  Tilite became so popular that he started to expand his product line and lecture around the world on how to be more efficient in the lab.  In the early 90's, his sons (Eddie and Geoff) came aboard.  Geoff focused on marketing while Eddie C.D.T. started developing products to complement Talladium's line.  Today, Talladium manufactures a complete line of gypsums, investments, alloys, zirconia and the list goes on.

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