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For more than 40 years Talladium has proudly serviced the dental laboratory industry by providing high quality products, while working diligently to develop innovative products that surpass industry standards.


While we offer many products that effectively and efficiently service dental needs, the following is a brief description of our top-sellers:

·         Our zirconia discs offer superior translucency and strength for successful restorations.  Similarly, our PMMA discs are an extremely valuable tool for your lab to manufacture top-quality temporaries that are durable and functional. 

·         Tilite is a medical grade alloy with titanium purity and consistency.  Our Tilite alloys have set the standard that all other allows aspire to in the dental industry, are available in different coefficients to match all porcelains on the market, and are University tested to be #1 in North America. 

·         Our Galaxy II (G2) Investment has been perfected through research and development to meet the rigorous demands of heat and pressure for use on all metal castings pressables, while our 1700 Investment was pioneered to be the first “fast-burnout” investment on the market designed to produce smooth and accurate castings for crowns and bridges.


While there are many advantages to partnering with us, the following are a few examples.

·         Superior product quality

·         Volume-based pricing schemes

·         Assistance with advertising in trade publications during the first year, up to 50%

·         Financial assistance to offset import application and other fees associated with the set-up

·         Confidentiality agreement to protect both our interests


Distributor Responsibilities include:

·         The research and maintenance of regulatory requirements.

·         The set-up of a distribution facility and/or address.

·         The promotion, resell, and distribution of the manufacturer’s product in compliance with established standards of quality and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.